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Tweaking parameters

In some cases though, you might want to tweak parameters to adjust visual output or performance.

Tile size

--tile-size TILE_SIZE   Dimension of the synthesis tile edge size.

Nexture processes images tile after tile, to be able to handle arbitrarily large images. The default tile size is 512*512 pixels wide. This is the recommended value for recent GPUs.

If the synthesis process crashes with an OOM (Out Of Memory) error, try setting this value to something smaller, such as 300.

Please note that reducing this value will increase compute time. It is recommended to work at the highest possible settings for best performance.

Transition smoothness (SVG masks only)

--smooth BMAPS_BLUR   Smoothing power, to generate smooth transitions between patterns.

With the svg-masks workflow, an additional blur can be applied to the masks to smooth them. The default value is 100, which corresponds to a moderately large blurring factor.

You can set the values between 1 and 200 with the following impact:

  • A smaller value produces more abrupt transitions.
  • A larger value spreads patterns further but may increase slightly compute time.