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Providing your own patterns

Rather than using the default dataset, Nexture can also run on your own patterns.

To add a custom pattern, follow the two steps below.

Register the pattern

Say you want to use your own image called pattern_custom.tiff. To register it, open the config.yml file and add the following information:

  <my dataset name>:
    <my pattern name>:
      (displacement | specular | albedo | normal): pattern_custom.tiff
  ds2/s1: 1.0

Note: The rescales part is already inside the file and was generated by nexture init

  • Replace <my dataset name> by the name you want, that will be your own namespace for your patterns.
  • Replace <my pattern name> by the name you want for your pattern.
  • Pick a category between displacement, specular, albedo or normal


      displacement: xxx.tiff
      specular: yyy.tiff
  ds2/s1: 1.0
  mydataset/pat1: 0.25

Use the registered pattern

To use the registered pattern, simply create a mask and name it mask_<dataset name>_<pattern name>.jpg. In the example above, the mask should be named mask_mydataset_pat1.jpg.

Then, launch nexture as usual with:

nxt synth image_to_process.tif mask_*

And the mask will automatically be picked up.