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Windows platforms

Third-party required software

Please install the following software:

Please install the exact version. Also note that Cuda tends to install older driver even if you have a more recent one. You'll sometimes need to reinstall the latest driver afterwards.

Additional software (optional)

Installing Nexture

Launch the installer and follow the steps.

Install step 1

Install step 2

Install step 3

Install step 4

Once completed, the Nexture program can be started from any terminal. The command to invoke it is nxt.

nxt --help

See the list of available subcommands.

Checking installation

After installation, please open a terminal (don't know how ? see here) and run the nxt command that invokes Nexture:

nxt check

Nexture will perform a series of checks to ensure your installation is healthy. If the check is successful, you're all set. Go to the Get Started page to begin.

If you have any issue, please contact us at [email protected].