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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any constraints regarding masks ?

There is zero constraint about masks. You can have multiple masks with pure white colors on same locations. In this situation, Nexture will simply give equal weight to the pattern each mask is associated to, and the result will be a visual combination of all patterns (it may have large features of first pattern, and small details of second pattern).

Synthesis crashed with OOM (Out Of Memory) error

Nexture requires a good amount of VRAM (Video Memory) from your GPU. Either try to close any application that might use some, or relaunch the synthesis with a smaller tile size to reduce the constraint (see here)

My input image is not read properly

There is currently a bug with the Freeimage library that prevents from loading single-channel EXR images exported by ZBrush.

It is currently being worked on. In the meantime, use any image edition software to resave the image (either in .exr or another format). It should fix the issue.